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We present a beautiful, unconventional wedding venue space at The Royal Albert Dock. Our venue can be customised to your wedding venue wishes. We're not your typical white wedding sit-down venue! We offer free wedding venue hire subject to a fair & reasonable minimum spend.

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The Long Shot - a versatile, distinct, and unique wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of The Royal Albert Dock, our captivating space offers an enchanting blend of charm, traditional architecture, modern elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for your special day. We are not the typical wedding hall event with white chairs! The Albert Dock offers a rich and traditional location for your wedding guests.

Our bar customised for a wedding

Wedding Venue Costs

Minimum Spend = the total amount you and your guests must spend on the occasion - this is made up of all drink & food spend.

Experience the perfect wedding day at our exquisite venue in Liverpool, where we offer free wedding venue hire, subject to a fair and reasonable minimum spend. We provide multiple options to fit all budgets. You are welcome to hire our venue without a minimum spend too for a fixed cost. Generally, people select the option of a minimum spend - in which, if not met by you and your wedding guests on the day, you would make the difference. All spend at the venue contributes towards the minimum spend. This allows you to hire the venue for free, with guests generally making up the minimum spend easily - you would be shocked how quickly the min. spend is reached! Approximately 90% of all minimum spends are met, with weddings being even higher!

Example... Floor Hire Type Min. Spend
Other Days (Monday-Thursday & Sunday) First Floor Half Venue - upto 90 Guests £0+ (depending on the day, there may be no minimum spend!)
Friday / Saturday (half venue) First Floor Half Venue - upto 90 Guests £2,000 (£22.00 per person spend - the cost is made up by all spend by your guests on the occasion day/night -very easy to meet!)
Friday / Saturday (full venue) Ground & First Floor Full Venue - upto 150 Guests £2,500+ (£20.00 per person spend - the cost is made up by all spend by your guests on the occasion day/night -very easy to meet!)

NOTE: We understand everyone's budget differs - the above table is only a guide. It's noteworthy to remember that guests meet most minimum spend requirements. All spending within the venue contributes towards minimum spend. Contact us to discuss your budget and plans - we always do our best to accommodate. Minimum spending will vary enormously based on the time of year and day of the week, with Fridays & Saturdays being the most expensive (obviously!).

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Our stunning venue for hire

The Long Shot comprises two floors with a maximum capacity of 150 people. Our venue is adaptable when it comes to hiring for a wedding event. You are not required to hire the entire venue - we can accommodate all group sizes up to 150 people. All our lighting can be adapted to your precise wishes, including our bar, which changes colour!

The Long Shot offers a first-class unique wedding venue to impress, with a service provided by the highly dedicated bar staff.

You can use our 11 x 4K screens and projector to display photos, videos and even live video with remote friends and family! Our entire bar and ceiling lighting can be modified to millions of colours, matching the requirements of your occasion.

The Long Shot has a commercial sound system set up for DJs or live music on both floors. We will happily work with you to find suitable entertainment for your event. We can supply an LED dance floor or a Las Vegas-style Blackjack table - let us know, and we can build a party to suit you! We love a challenge!

Our Venue - 3D View!


The background of the team at The Long Shot is from a high-end cocktail environment. Our staff have managed and worked in venues that have been listed among the World’s 50 Best Bars. We take quality drinking seriously.

Alongside this brochure you’ll find our full cocktail list as well as beer and wine lists. If there’s anything you would like on a menu for your event, we’re more than happy to accommodate. We’d always recommend you come by for a tasting with us where we can run through the best options for you.

Our Venue

Wedding Venue - FAQ

Q: Are children allowed to attend?

Yes - we understand under 18s will likely attend weddings, especially if they're your own children! Once we know more details, we can explain our policy which will be based on your timings/event.

Q: Do I need to hire the whole venue?

A: Generally, for a wedding, yes - however, if you insist on hiring a single floor, we will happily accommodate. Our team and venue are incredibly versatile, and ultimately, it's your venue for how you want it!

Q: Can I provide my own entertainment?

A: Of course! We have an immersive sound system where your entertainment can easily connect, whether a DJ, band or a live singer! We are happy to assist with any questions your entertainment suppliers may have about our technical sound system for your party. We can arrange an area upstairs or downstairs for them to perform.

Q: Do you need to know precise guest numbers?

A: We can hold a maximum of about 150 people - usually more than enough for most weddings. We don't need a precise guest count, but if you select the hire option of a minimum spend, you ideally want a good idea of your numbers. Weddings are usually organised many months in advance; thus, couples generally get great attendance numbers!

Q: What is your accessibility?

A: We have ramp access to the ground floor only. However, both floors are effectively merged with the mezzanine floor - you feel both are part of the same venue!

Q: Can we arrange a private visitation?

A: Yes - you're more than welcome to visit the venue closed to organise/design your wedding - we can also supply some free refreshments!

Q: We have something a little different we would like to do, can you accommodate?

A: Of course, this depends on what exactly you want! However, we will work closely to ensure your reception is exactly how you want it.

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