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*Subject to a fair Minimum Spend - All Group Sizes Welcome

Stunning Venue Hire in Liverpool. Located on the world-famous Albert Dock. Our venue can accommodate all occasions & events – Birthdays, Wedding Receptions, Engagements, Christenings, Work-dos & any other party! Our venue can adapt for smaller and more larger groups. Drop us an email, contact us online or call us today!

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A memorable event calls for an extraordinary venue. With two floors of versatile and flexible spaces, we welcome hundreds of occasions, private events, festive celebrations, and weddings every year, captivating your guests with our location, magnificent original dock features, and unique heritage – all enriched by flawless service.

Costs - Free Hire

Minimum Spend = the total amount you and your guests must spend on the occasion - this is made up of all drink & food spend.

Firstly, you are only required to hire part of the venue. Our venue can be sectioned into floors and sections to suit group size. We don’t charge a venue hire cost - we agree on a minimum spend for food and drink by yourself and guests (this is always achievable!). Get in touch, and we will create a package that serves your requirements and your pocket! We can also set a fixed party venue hire cost if a minimum spend is not suitable.

Example... Floor Hire Type Min. Spend
Other Days (Monday-Thursday & Sunday) First Floor Half Venue - upto 90 Guests £0+ (depending on the day, there may be no minimum spend!)
Friday / Saturday (half venue) First Floor Half Venue - upto 90 Guests £2,000 (£22.00 per person spend - the cost is made up by all spend by your guests on the occasion day/night -very easy to meet!)
Friday / Saturday (full venue) Ground & First Floor Full Venue - upto 150 Guests £2,500+ (£16.00 per person spend - the cost is made up by all spend by your guests on the occasion day/night -very easy to meet!)

NOTE: We understand everyone's budget differs - the above table is only a guide. It's noteworthy to remember that guests meet most minimum spend requirements. All spending within the venue contributes towards minimum spend. Contact us to discuss your budget and plans - we always do our best to accommodate. Minimum spending will vary enormously based on the time of year and day of the week, with Fridays & Saturdays being the most expensive (obviously!).

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Our stunning venue for hire

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The Long Shot incorporates two floors with a maximum capacity of 150 people. Our venue is adaptable when it comes to hiring for a private party or event. You are not required to hire the entire venue - we can accommodate all group sizes up to 150 people.

The Long Shot offers a first-class party venue to impress, with a service provided by the highly dedicated bar staff.

You can use our 11 x 4K 60" screens and projector to display company videos, logos, or embarrassing photos - we know what we would choose! Our entire bar and ceiling lighting can be modified to millions of colours, matching the requirements of your party.

The Long Shot has a commercial sound system for DJs or live music on both floors. We will happily work with you to find suitable entertainment for your event. We can supply an LED dance floor or a Las Vegas-style Blackjack table - let us know, and we can build a party to suit you! We love a challenge!


The team's background at The Long Shot is from a high-end cocktail environment. Our staff & owners have managed and worked in venues that have been listed among the World's 50 Best Bars. We take quality drinks, cocktails and service seriously.

You'll find our complete cocktails, beer, and wine lists alongside our brochure. We're more than happy to accommodate you if you would like anything on the menu for your party or event. We'd always recommend that you come by for a tasting with us, where we can run through the best options for you.

Our Venue - 3D View!

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Events & Parties We Host

Our unique venue can accommodate all parties, events, and special venue requirements. Beneath is a list of events we have hosted in the past. We will work closely with you to guarantee that your party is designed around your occasion.

Birthday Party/Events

Our venue can accommodate all Birthday parties, including 21sts, 30ths, 50ths or 60ths - any age! You can hire our entire venue, a single floor, or a sectioned-off area. We can help you organise DJs, dance floors, etc. - we will ensure your party is unique to you, including lighting up the entire bar to your requirement!

Retirements Party/Events

Is it time to throw the towel in? You've earned it - come and celebrate the start of your retirement in style. We can accommodate groups of all sizes. We guarantee you won't be required to organise the event; you're almost retired - leave that to us!

Christmas Parties

For Christmas party bookings, please view our Christmas Party page!


We all know the saying, 'Would have gotten more for...' - well, we will give you more. Contact us today, and let's arrange your anniversary. Use our vast screens throughout to show photos throughout your life together. Whatever unique you want, we will endeavour to accommodate.


Work do's

Our venue is perfect for that work party you're looking to plan. We can customise our entire venue's lighting installation to your company colours and use our screens to host videos/photos and perform award ceremonies from an elevated point. Not to mention, you're celebrating in the iconic Royal Albert Dock with the original stunning features of the working docks surrounding you. The docks have been the key to the city's prosperity.

Wedding Receptions

We're a little more unique than the typical white wedding venue. If you're looking for something a little different, you should come visit our venue!


Our venue hosts many engagements (and subsequent weddings!) each year - we can customise the venue to your colours and style.

Stag do's & Hen do's

Live Sporting Events

We can cater to large groups looking to hire a large space for a particular sporting occasion. We can ensure your group has VIP treatment and excellent viewing access to the screens.

Our Venue

Party Venue - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to hire the whole venue?

A: Absolutely not! Our venue can host both smaller and larger parties. Our venue is highly adaptable. Regardless of your party size requirements, contact us, and we can help advise!

Q: Can I provide my own entertainment?

A: Of course! We have a brilliant sound system in which your entertainment can easily connect, whether a DJ or a live singer! We are happy to assist with any questions your entertainment may have about our technical sound system for your party.

Q: What on earth is a ‘minimum spend’?

A: The minimum spending for our venue hire varies depending on the time of year and day of the week. For example, a Monday in January will be a much lower spend than the Saturday before Christmas. We can work together to ensure this is always achievable based on usual trade and allows us to cover staffing for your party - we don’t want your Uncle Geoff waiting too long for a beer, do we? The minimum spends also differ depending on how much space you require in the venue.

Q: I’ve got too many mates and a large family, what is your capacity?

A: Well done you! We have 154 seats - we wouldn’t advise many more than this for a full venue hire.

Q: What is capacity for the first floor only?

A: You can entertain anywhere up to 70-80 guests on our first floor - any more than that, and you’re probably looking at the entire venue.

Q: Is your venue free to hire?

A: Yes - depending on your party size, we typically agree to a minimum spend. We ensure this is attainable - regardless, contact us for further information or leave us a message. We use a minimum spend which we ensure is achievable based on hire and amount of guests. We can also discuss a fixed hire cost if minimum spend isn't suitable. Lets get organising your party?

Q: Is your venue suitable for smaller parties?

A: Yep! Our venue can be sectioned off into numerous sections. We can accommodate all party sizes, from 10-150 people! Larger parties can be accommodated too. Lets get in contact and make arrangements.

Q: Can we provide our own food?

A: You are more than welcome to provide food. We do provide a buffet option in-house and can host independent pop-up vendors so you can tailor your event to any occasion. We can ensure it is laid out to your requirements.

Q: Can we decorate the venue?

A: Our customers generally come in before the party to decorate the venue to their requirements. We can also alter the lighting in the entire venue/sections to your required colours, brightness etc.

Q: Can we use the televisions/projector?

A: Yes - feel free to send in any photos/videos and we can project them throughout your party.

Q: What parties can you accommodate?

A: We host numerous parties at our venue, including 21st birthday parties, 30th birthday parties, 40th birthday parties, 50th birthday parties, 60th birthday parties - you get the picture! We also host many engagement parties, wedding parties, and Christmas parties - if you're looking to host a birthday party, we're the place to have it!

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